We don't know yet.
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We are currently in private beta, running IndieBI for free and working on what the membership fees are going to look like before we announce full public access. IndieBI strives to be a community-based, collaborative venture.

IndieBI is currently financed by a broad group of individual games industry investors and game companies. We’re fully independent and have enough runway to keep building the tools and features in a free beta, while we continue working to figure out the final pricing.

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The eventual fees will follow three key rules:

Free for upstarts

The entire service, access to community and knowledge base will be free of charge for indies who have not yet had their breakaway success and don’t have enough sales to give back to the community yet.

Proportional to success

IndieBI aims to always be an investment that clearly pays for itself. The more successful your titles, the more you have to gain by making better decisions and optimizing your strategy. We've seen that the optimizations that IndieBI enables for larger, multi-million dollar games are regularly worth north of hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. We expect our fees to represent a small fraction of that upside - hundreds to low thousands of dollars a month depending on the magnitude of your success.

Sufficient to grow

The fees collected for IndieBI should be enough for the team to keep the service running and developing at a healthy pace, to expand the team as necessary, and to provide a surplus for funding research, scholarships, and talks to amplify the team’s work.