Data Privacy
We know how important it is for you to stay in control of your sales information.
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The full formal language that makes sure your data is handled with care is available in our privacy policy.

As a general rule, you can consider uploading information to IndieBI similar to storing sales reports on Google Drive or any other cloud service.

Your data is 100% yours to manage and control. No other member of IndieBI or the public will ever be given access to your specific numbers without your explicit permission.

Can I exclude even IndieBI analysts from accessing my data?


By default, we’re assuming you are okay with allowing careful use of anonymized slices of your data in big, industry‑wide case studies and research. This allows IndieBI to come up with valuable metrics and to benchmark your games for you against industry averages, e.g. “are you getting above average wishlists for this new game you’ve announced”, “has your revenue uplift this Summer Sale been subpar and you need to consider deeper discounts” etc. It runs contrary to IndieBI's spirit of pooling all of available industry knowledge, but if you make a decision to opt‑out then it will be possible after we introduce finer privacy control. Let us know by e‑mail and we'll reach you as soon as this feature is ready.

What if I can’t store sales numbers on third-party servers?


Can I talk openly about my sales numbers with other developers?


What if I’m a publisher operating IndieBI for my developers?