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IndieBI is made by game developers

Tom Kaczmarczyk

Tom Kaczmarczyk

CEO @ IndieBI

Tom has been running the business side of SUPERHOT for the last several years, along with supporting multiple indies with funding and advice. Tom's frustration with the lack of tools to track and manage SUPERHOT's commercial strategy was the first domino in the chain to build IndieBI.

Callum Underwood

Callum Underwood

CSO @ IndieBI

Callum has been supporting developers and shipping games for over a decade. He is most well known for his work as founder and CEO of Robot Teddy (acquired by Thunderful), Raw Fury, Kowloon Nights and Oculus. He has worked on many notable titles including Among Us and Gang Beasts.

We started IndieBI to help us solve problems in our own work. As we quickly realized, many of our games industry peers are facing the same problems every single day. We're now working to fix them for everyone.

We're fixing video games business intelligence

We're working to provide you with world-class tools to track and optimize your sales and overall commercial success of your games.

IndieBI is designed to help you run a smarter business, with total awareness of your sales, easy access to benchmarks, automatic advice, and best practices — no matter if you're running a one-person indie studio or the business intelligence department for an international AAA games publisher.

And we're making sure it's fixed for everyone

Our industry has seen an unprecedented explosion of video game creativity and opportunity in the recent years. Digital distribution dominates, self-published games turn into break-out hits every other week, and brilliant new studios keep showing up in ever larger numbers.

The shape of what's necessary to run a business that supports this creativity has changed too. As the market becomes more democratized and more competitive, it's becoming more and more critical to have an excellent commercial strategy on top of shipping an excellent game.

We believe it's inevitable for all successful game companies to need excellent tools to manage that strategy in real-time across all of their sales platforms and marketing channels.

By building IndieBI we want to make sure that these tools are equitable and accessible to everyone — that we help maintain a leveled playing field and provide tools that are powerful enough for AAA rockstars, while amazing, creative upstarts get to use the exact same tools for free.

IndieBI is made with the games industry

IndieBI tracks over $4B in sales across 8000+ titles from 100+ partners.

We're building IndieBI to help you. Whether you're about to ship your 1st game or publish your 50th, we want to make sure you have access to all the data and insights you'll need. We're working with publishers like Raw Fury and Team17, funds such as Kowloon Nights and Kepler, and developers including Landfall, Innersloth, and Young Horses to understand all the unique ways games are sold in our industry.

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“IndieBI has been life changing for Kowloon Nights. We are funding self-publishing studios across the world, allowing them to directly collect revenue and sales data from the platforms themselves.

Tracking 50+ games across 12+ platforms used to be a real challenge for us. Now, IndieBI provides us with a live dashboard showing how all of our titles are doing in real time.“

Alexis Garavaryan

CEO @ Kowloon Nights & Kepler Interactive

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“Information and advice on sales modelling and pricing from IndieBI has facilitated the scheduling of more frequent and aggressive sales and promotions, significantly increasing revenues for our studio.”

James Brown

CEO @ Boneloaf — creators of Gang Beasts

IndieBI is funded by the games industry

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IndieBI raised $3M

And it's built with care by people who really know what they're doing.

Most of our teammates are from Poland, with a few members of our crew from further afield such as the US, UK, and Nigeria.

Everyone's working remote-first, with our actual worklife and socializing playing out on calls and IMs. We’re steadily making more full time hires to round out the teams, and we're specifically aiming to create a diverse and creative work environment distributed all around the world.

We're growing quickly and opening new positions all the time.

Come work with us if you'd like to help too!
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