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Total sales tracking

for video games

Automatically collect, merge, and make sense of sales

from Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and all other major platforms.

All of your sales in one place

Each and every sales report is a bit different depending on the source. We made sure IndieBI understands them all and can comfortably crunch them for you.

Your sales all go into a single dataset for you to explore and to ask clever questions. Finally find out if you should be focusing on growing sales or limiting refunds, if your big Steam Free Weekend gave a boost to your sales on Switch, are your Summer Sales on Xbox better than on Playstation, or just click around and browse.

Up to date with automatic robo-scrapers

We appreciate it takes an ungodly amount of patience to keep your sales data fresh. Having to scour through dozens of different developer dashboards to find reports for the most recent week of sales is now a thing of the past.

IndieBI’s scraping tools do all of the scouring and downloading for you and help track your sales in near-realtime. No need to suck the soul out of an intern either.

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Visualizations and insights

to drive better decisions

Ready-made dashboards to get instantly smarter

IndieBI comes with an ever growing set of PowerBI dashboards to get you started exploring your data immediately.

Identify underperforming markets, find the impact of localizations, pinpoint your optimal discount strategy, or just look at all of your sales on one single chart in awe.

Live database to flex your data science

You also get a direct connection to run your own analytics and number crunching. Run a decade of your sales through a machine learning framework and replace yourself with a heartless computer to optimize profits. Feed your sales into an arduino, make it go ding and throw an office party every time you gross another million bucks. Your data is yours to control.

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Marketing metrics

and visibility tracking

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Eyeball counting for effective marketing

It’s hard to sell a video game that nobody ever gets to see. Boosting visibility through any means necessary is often the shortest way to keeping your studio in good shape. IndieBI lets you clearly see how much awareness and conversions you are actually generating by feeding buckets of money to Facebook Ads, running a deeper discount on PlayStation, or just tweaking your tags and screenshots on Steam. At the end of the day, marketing is just an eyeball measuring contest.

Event tracking to see the impact of your PR

Actions have consequences, but it’s really difficult to keep track of how much of a boost are you getting from pushing a patch on Steam, or announcing a new DLC, or just laying back and stirring up controversy in the twitterverse. IndieBI lets you correlate your actual sales and visibility numbers with your socials, your PR, your marketing spend, and whatever other pieces of honest publishing work you think are relevant.

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Knowledge and benchmarks

for a smarter industry

Less guesswork and cargo cult

IndieBI was born out of a personal crusade against the status quo where most everyone in the industry was just making decisions by gut feeling. You set your pricing at 19.99 because that’s what most other indies were doing. You held off on localizing your game into Chinese because of that one blogpost you read in 2011. You declined invites to bundles and third-party stores because you heard that key resellers will kill your profits. IndieBI strives to provide a growing set of general advice and best practices based firmly in data, and not in GDC afterparty gossip.

A common place to share experience

The entire knowledge base and community in IndieBI will remain free and open for everyone forever. The entire project is committed to reinvesting all of its fees to help grow the development and analyst teams, write new case studies, assist member studios in their own data research and experiments, and keep the entire service free and welcoming to upstart indies to give them the best shot at success.

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They are with us!

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Automatically collect, convert and unify sales reports from all major sources

Find insights and patterns to make smarter decisions and grow your studio’s profits

Collaborate and discuss strategies and anomalies with other world class members

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